Thursday, May 24, 2007

June 4th Rally: "Somebody Better Say Something"

I received the following email from Brenda Matthews, a Chicago poet and activist who I greatly respect. Please read Brenda's message below and spread the word about this rally to anyone you know in Chicago.

On the heels of watching "Pan's Labyrinth" (see my post on it below), I especially appreciate the synchronicity of receiving this message about an attempt by youth to stand up to the brutality of their surroundings using their imagination and creativity. We should do everything we can to support such efforts. As Brenda eloquently states, they are the "world changers and kingdom builders."

Peace And Blessings:

Prayerfully this e-mail will reach those who care and those who are willing to make a difference and for those who want change. On Wednesday the Chicago Tribune printed a story about the brutal murders of 27 Chicago Public School Students. Schools Chief Arne Duncan called the deaths "horrifying". If 20 students were shot and killed in Winnetka or Barrington, the outcry would be deafening and residents and politicians would mobilize for gun control, he contended.

Here is my position and that is we the community never knew there were 27 murders. Attention came about the missing teen girl from the southside, the two boys stabbed to death by their mothers boyfreind and the young man shot to death on the bus. The others I guess were blacked out by the media. Any child murdered is cry for change. The paper said the number of deaths equated to one child dead every ten days.

I want to see children speak out, I want to hear their voices and hear how they feel. I am sick and tired of do nothing politicians. I am sick and tired of local churches too scared to get into the fight. I am definitely tired of so-called leaders who only move when it's a issue they feel is important. How many more babies must die? How long will we watch aborted destinies and sit still without action. This revolution may not be televised but this is a fight we must all join.

It seems our children are attacked on all sides and we need to encourage and listen to them. I'm asking adults to come and just listen. This is about them and to hear what they need. I would like to see an Ad-Hoc committee formed and the youth can come to the table and develop a strategic plan of change. A grass roots movement organized by youth all across this city.

They can make this happen and we can assist if they need us, let's be supportive of our youth. Young people are the world changers and kingdom builders and what they don't need are adults who are all talk and no action!!!!!

On June 4, 2007 at 4pm we are organizing a Rally called "SOMEBODY BETTER SAY SOMETHING". On the corner of Douglas and Kedzie on the westside of Chicago. The purpose of this Rally is for youth to take the MIC and let their voices be heard. We want to hear their thoughts, ideas, and feelings. I am CALLING ALL CHICAGO POETS FROM THE SOUTHSIDE, WESTSIDE, NORTHSIDE AND EASTSIDE ... I am calling Verbal Balance, 3BM, Eastwind productions, Poetree, The Patio Poets, LYLAS, Pow-Wow, Aqua Moon, EarCandy, Tha House, Teen Town, S.A.F.E., The Crib Collective, All Hype and any and all other Chicago Poets. Come and support this event. This is a 911 call.

After we have finished the rally I would like us to end in prayer. To form a circle around every young person in attendance and ask God to cover them in attendance and every young person across this city. And to pray for the violence to cease in our community. Will you join Mama Brenda Matthews in a call to stop the Violence?

I welcome all responses and please forward this e-mail to others. Let the youth speak out and lead this movement forward.

— Miles Munroe

Peace And Blessings,
Mama Brenda Matthews

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