Tuesday, February 27, 2018


I've left off.
I've leapt off,
Dreaming me, myself once, now
I dream me another,
one other
than myself. Not
my voice, not
my mien,
not mine.
Around me, not
my friends or loved ones, but
ones loved the same.
And me again
myself, as other. With now,
this now,
being time
or times
when the other is
stranger; When an other is,
how? Other than loved?
There is danger in love, in
the stranger I've become. In
dream, I can
love another, this other than
me. My self, yes
myself yet,
because I am he, or
her, or...
I am loved . And I'm at a time, when?
why, when
I wake, and when I may not be
myself, or another, yet not
not. Not
yet. Yet, no other, and yes
for all
I am, all
as I began.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

To possess it

To possess
it, without an es-
grin, poses 
a problem
for them,
normally dull brown,
and sunk down
by bulbous noses
that sniff a tru-
er face in the blue.
And why
not, reflecting, as they should, on the sky?