Sunday, May 27, 2007

Clinton Campaign Rocked or Rippled? Why I love Google News

I mostly get my news these days by scanning through the collection of stories aggregated by the Google News page. It's a great little web app that displays multiple headlines from different sources on the day's top stories, as well as links to sometimes hundreds of different web sites with coverage.

What I especially enjoy about this method of news gathering is the often interesting contradictions that arise in competing headlines for the same story. Today, one of the top US stories is about the two Hillary Clinton books about to be published. Depending on who you read, this development is either completely inconsequential to the NY senator, or devastating.

Here are the respective headlines from the Independent (UK) and the Washington Post that appeared together this morning:

Hillary's campaign rocked by claims in two books

Unflattering Books Cause Hardly a Ripple

In reading the stories, it turns out that the Independent headline is either sensationalist or soothsaying, as the author admits the impact of the books is still unknown:

It had to happen, and it has. Once again the great drama of the Clinton marriage - from his philandering and "bimbo eruptions" and her contemplation of divorce, to an alleged joint secret scheme to turn the US presidency into a family business - is back in the headlines, with repercussions as yet unknown for the future of Hillary's bid to become the first woman to win the White House.
One thing they do agree on, is that Hillary Clinton is a polarizing ("polarising" across the pond) figure in American politics. The media coverage sure does bear that out.

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