Friday, May 28, 2010

Stray Eros

Aphrodite's kid
could've handled this
if eons ago
he hadn't wandered off
pining for his precious Psyche.

Where that leaves you and me
today is exploring
the grocery store aisles.

Oysters, sure.

Dark chocolate,
even if it's not.

Saffron would,
at minimum,
put my nose in the mood
for some
hay-scented rolling.

Celery? Really,
it doesn't do much for me,
but whatever
floats your dote, dear.

Treats unsacked, we may grasp
that the chemical boost's
no ha-ha joke
but romantic love could be
based on such practical tricks
to keep our DNA churning.

This poem is written for Big Tent Poetry's Week 4 Prompt, taking the aphrodisiac as its subject matter. It's always struck me as strange that someone would need an assist from food to get in the mood, because if you're not motivated by love then truly what's the point (except procreation).
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