Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Poetry on Wednesday (POW): Vita's Dance

It's a common trope,
the Danse Macabre that troops us
toward hushed tombs.

Blame its plague on Wolgemut
or Bruegel (Pieter the Elder),
and certainly Bergman

What with his iconic black-clad Death
and the parade of captive players taken
hand-in-hand on a joyless march.

But Life has her own fleet moments to lead,
and these flip-flop pageants though ragtag
are not the less enriching to behold

Or so I'm told in passing by
the delicate bluebell peaking its buds through
a monochrome rubble.

This poem was written for the POW Prompt #1 based on a photo collage, which you can see by clicking through the link, but after its evolution it bears only a tangential relationship to the inspiring image.
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