Tuesday, January 06, 2009

To add sense, or non-sense?

I've long been wary of including paid advertising on this site. First, I probably don't generate enough traffic to make it worth anyone's while. Second, I've always been quite fond of that story of Jesus chasing the merchants from the temple, and this blog is my sort-of sanctuary.

I have given a small amount of ad space out to friends who have books and sites to promote (and will continue to do so as requested), and there are the pseudo advertisements for the various social networking sites to which I belong. So, I'm not completely "commercial" free.

All that said, I am curious about Google Ad Sense, and I'd like to get some real-world feedback regarding how, and whether, it works. To you fellow bloggers out there who use it, please leave a comment about your experience. To everyone lese, please let me know what you think of those sites that you visit that have it, and whether you even notice.

My biggest fear is that it will promote content I don't approve of. And I've heard tell of pittances for payouts, which wouldn't justify my taking the chance.

Speaking of self-promotion, I'll have a new drawing up soon ... I promise.
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