Monday, January 05, 2009

Focused on structure

Continuing the "new year, new optimism" theme of my last post, I'm feeling the need for a few blog-related resolutions (prodded by similar efforts I've seen on some friends' sites).

It will start with a commitment to much more focus and structure in my daily routine. I've learned over the life of this blog that the more consistently I write, the better the output.

With that in mind, I'm committing myself to at least one new poem a week. I'd also like to finish two new drawings in the same span. In addition, I'm going to resuscitate the short story Belly that I abandoned in its crib last year.

Not a very exciting post, I know, but it helps to "go on record" with the details. I do have a new drawing in the wings, which I'll decorate with a much brighter color-scheme to reflect the new attitude.
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