Saturday, January 10, 2009

A single hair ... strange inspiration

This isn't the poem I originally intended to post today, but the other two I'm working on still need some time and thought. I dashed these lines off in a few hours, as I'm sure it shows.

The poem was inspired by the most mundane of moments: the sight of a single dark hair (my own) raised against stark white bed linen. I don't know why it captured my attention, but it did and here is the result.

A single hair
by Francis Scudellari

A single, coarse black hair
by mere Chance, or Fate's hand
(who can say?) now plucked from
the anonymity
of a fielded likeness
then, on swirling current
carried till interest
or energy ebbed, and
it was sudden dropped — here
blindly, perhaps, drifting
down in tighter circles
onto a uniform
bed of white, itself new
found in significance
an ebon strand raised there
on unlike surroundings
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