Tuesday, December 04, 2007

They call it Stormy Monday, but Tuesday's just as bad

Continuing my recent poetic streak, I'm offering up a reworked mood piece. It's the polar opposite of yesterday's verse, burning brightly, though a bit too hot, to cancel out that shadowed darkness.

I've long recognized within myself a propensity to rail against the world when I'm feeling emotionally fragile. With very little provocation, in circumstances that may seem unusually mundane to the outsider, an anger flares up that verbally scorches all in its path. At those times it's best to let the fire rage on at full intensity until it exhausts itself and is replaced by a seeming serenity.

Maybe tomorrow I'll post a happy piece ...

Rage Inferno
by Francis Scudellari

Rage inferno, out leap
Long smoldering, fed on
Indignation's kindling
Unkind, burn, flame lost lust
Unequaled, encompass
All in fiery wrath,
Engulf hopes, on-fanned fears
Unashamed, singe sins now
Unrestrained, not put out
By discretion's thick cloak,
Nor Reason's cool water,
Spread fast, flatly consume
Even yourself, leave me
Nothing bitter, sweet ash

Blow tempest, bluster on
Whipped waves, fierce frenzy-fed
Malevolence, batter
Uncaring, all, your path
Indiscrim'nant, o'erwhelmed,
Unleash havoc, away
Wash the memories, purge
Transgressions, loose, topple
Barricades, thoughts ravage,
My senses inundate,
Until, stripped bare, naked,
Calmed soul, numb, beaten I
Am left alone, utter
Cursed words, yet wholly, saved
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