Saturday, December 22, 2007

Joyous spirit awakened, undermined

Three days before Christmas, this is as close as I can get to a holiday seasoned verse.

It's not the catchy bit of uplifting fluff you'll hear in those omnipresent traditional carols, but hey ... it is about angels.

Note: Image at right is a detail from the painting Annunciation by El Greco.

Choral Voices
By Francis Scudellari

Choral voices — sweet, angelic —
Entice my ear;
Airy intonations striking
Senseless, allure;

Awake strivings secreted deep
In shuttered soul;
Inspire yearnings; unstitch desires,
Longings heart-sown;

Lilting notes on cloud back beckon,
Ascents require;
Show lighted paths up, out, toward
Sky-rending fires;

Yet my halfway spirit falters,
Trips as it climbs;
Old doubts, fed fears, down falls, earthly
Concerns confined
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