Monday, December 03, 2007

Creating something out of nothing

Sometimes the fates conspire to rob us of our substance. Our day is wrapped in a big blanket of blah and the creative fires fail to spark in the suffocating stillness. It's a misty eyed morning moment that tempts us to pull the covers over the head and give in to the urge to hibernate through the winter drear.

Never one to succumb to such inclinations toward self-indulgent idleness without at least a token fight, I'll grasp my virtual pen more tightly and force the inky blood to spout from its stubborn mouth until it decorates this blank page with my purple prose.

Lacking anything insightful or interesting to say about the events transpiring beyond my warped walls, I have to sculpt instead the form of an idea from the globbed clay that's mucking up my imagination; take the randomly spinning impulses and shape them into a well-fired thought. Nothingness is not necessarily a precursor to meaninglessness, if we use it as the premeditative abyss out of which creation can spring forth.

Over the wisdom giving years, I've slowly come to realize that I can't tackle everything on my own. Sometimes, for a moment, I have to give up trying to change the world and let it change me, and my mood. So it is that I searched the depths of my soulful music collection to discover a nothing-themed nugget by Badly Drawn Boy that I hope will draw me out of my doldrums.

Here is the video, and below that are the song's lyrics in case you want to sing along with me.

Nothing's Gonna Change Your Mind
by Badly Drawn Boy

this would be easier if you'd understand
face the truth and realise
that none of this was planned
the way we worry about such little things
take the time to take the break
and darling spread your wings
I stole all the roses that make your crown
now it's easier to just put aside
the things that face us now

strange when something
comes from nothing
came around to your way of thinking
about these things
saw your face in a crowd
I knew that you were special
and it would change my world
if I could help you now

but nothing's gonna change your mind
and no one's gonna help you now
if nothing's gonna change your mind
no one's gonna help you find
your place in this world
so strange, lean on me — I'll help you now

Well let's dance to the beat of the drum
Let's go out where we don't know anyone
'Cause it's you, I don't need anyone else
I've got you, don't need anyone else
You (and no one could ask for more)

Well, you know where you will find me
In a time and a place
Where the world doesn't seem so strange
I'd like to think there's a chance
Just knowing that I love you
You would feel that would be enough
To make you change
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