Monday, December 24, 2007

The spirit of Christmas evening

This is a poem I wrote a dozen years ago to commemorate the holiday. I'm not sure I'd write it exactly the same way today, but it captures a seasonal striving I still feel.

I dedicate it to friends old, new and yet to come in the hope that we can rediscover the timeless joy of the young child hiding in all of us; that magically unbound urge to rip away at shiny surfaces to reveal a treasured surprise.

Once we peal off the traditional religious and commercial trappings associated with this yule time, we can uncover a universal message of selflessness, compassion and spiritual connection. These are winter gifts that transcend social status and individual faith.

Honoring those values, I'd like to wish everyone out there a very happy Christmas.

by Francis Scudellari

Looking within, I see
a pure light, sunburst bright,
burning herald of a
multifaceted truth;
Its golden rays striving
ever outward, to touch,
but shielded, obscured by
a dull shell, clouded sphere;
If I could release it,
shatter the opaque globe
share its warmth, guiding sight,
dispel doubt herding dark;
A wordless messenger
it would travel beyond,
preaching Love over Law,
filling heaven, aglow;
Joined ever with the stars,
One in luminescence.
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