Thursday, December 27, 2007

Gratitude short but sweet: A series of thank you's

I want to acknowledge the generosity of two friends and fellow bloggers who have recently graced me with their kind words and linked love.

Aquarian Hanna at Amori, Poesie, Arte, Chat Virtuali today tagged me with the Zodiac meme, which I posted on previously albeit in unruly fashion (see Meming to catch up). I also owe Hanna a great debt of gratitude for her translation of my poem Hail Mary (see Ave Maria). And because good things come in 3s, she also gave me a Best Friends award earlier this month (see Mondo di Awards).

Raven at Stuperhero Extraordinaire has also honored me with the very appreciated Creative Blogger Award. I'll try to pass that one on in coming days (I can't remember if I've gotten it before), but definitely check out Raven's post as she has named some other wonderful sites that are worth investigating.
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