Thursday, December 20, 2007

Looking back mid-journey

In anticipation of tomorrow's very special anniversary (stay tuned), I've written the following new poem.

Whenever you reach the midpoint of a journey, it's good to take a moment's pause and reflect. Looking back, you may realize you've meandered off the chosen path, but there's still time for a course correction.

I know that I often live up to the stereotype of a man reluctant to ask directions, but I'm doing my best to change that.

Feel free to map things out for me when I go astray.

At midpoint journeys paused
By Francis Scudellari

At midpoint journeys paused, pondered
Outward roads radiating, spun
Dizzy with destined choices, made
Unsure, unbalanced, reluctant

To stop, self-centered missed steps posed,
Halted remorse wanting to run
All directions, at once, up-down
Disorient, past-visions blur

In momentary forgetting,
Lose untracked paths original,
Sins cast off, memories shred, gilt
Edged possibility rebirth

A way randomly picked, still hope,
Time, tried decisions undo, trails
Again retrace, lines draw forward
To points new, endings yet unknown
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