Monday, December 10, 2007

A poetic voice: Still, small, broken

As Rod Serling used to say when introducing Twilight Zone episodes, submitted for your approval .... another new poem that probably requires no preamble.

A voice broken …
By Francis Scudellari

A voice broken, too brief, cut-off
Before words, sounds can draw me back,
Disembodied calling, reaches
Far from misty-eyed past, beckons,
Takes me mindful aside, adrift
Alone, down wandering, once more
Twisted paths, visited failures,
Fumbled through memories, boxed up

Missing pieces, jagged end scene;
Never wholly answered, accepted,
I silence whispered doubt, inner
Demons pulled close, pushing too
Patient with a present, thought blessed;
Too long waiting for signs, divine
Pointed nowhere, now, here, I risk
Futures decided without me
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