Saturday, April 17, 2010


Scaly breasts shudder with a gutter-gray cleaving.

She misses her breezy paramour's calming touch,
and their nostalgic days vent in pitched-white whispers.

If I could breathe back those mists, I might lessen her sorrow ...

Too-rigid muscles slide into aqua spasms.

She fidgets at the lack of fuss her fragments show,
and the brittle hours snap with metallic-blue cracks.

If I could massage those bursts, I might slacken her worry ...

A caustic blood simmers in vermilion bubbles.

She's whiling ways for the weak-spotted to crumble,
and languished minutes dissolve with yolk-yellow pops.

If I could stomach those boils, I might keep her from breaking.

The Day 17 NaPoWriMo prompt from ReadWritePoem is called something elemental. I chose to write about earth, but I included some aspects of water, wind and fire as well.
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