Friday, April 30, 2010

If Arizona's Iced Tea, I'll Drink Coffee

I was born
here in a Capital place,
as in DC, or so I'm told
by the yellowed scrap of paper
embossed with a seal,
which Birthers might say is forged,
but it's not, and that's
a happy circumstance for me,
because I hear folks like me
are different, maybe even
and with that lone American
difference comes a boat load of perks,
including the right to say
I don't see any difference
when it comes to simple
but I do feel different
than those who want to speak
in the name of the same
old stupid conceit
that some belong
and some don't,
all the while they search
for differences
and seize on the might
to drive wedges
between us,
and if they end up driving out
our differences with this crocked-up
lack of a due process
cloaked in the flag, well that would be
the real crime.

It's the final day of NaPoWriMo, an occasion marked with the mixed emotions of satisfaction, relief and a touch of sadness. Today's prompt from ReadWritePoem isn't really a prompt at all, but a free day (and farewell). A huge thank-you to the folks at RWP, without whose nudging this would have been much more difficult and much less interesting. Unfortunately today marks the last day of the RWP site too, and it will be missed. As far as this poem, I generally try to steer away from political commentary, but some issues demand a reckoning, and yesterday's news-inspired piece got me lathered up. Thanks to everyone who played along or commented during the 30-day Challenge, and I hope to keep the poetry rolling well beyond April.
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