Monday, August 23, 2010

To see...

When I saw her, I didn’t see
a girl who girlish wants
to laugh and dance and breathe in
the song of fall scents
the smiles of dainty sunshine
What I saw was a drumbeat
those questions I had to keep
flat-foot stomped down deep
or I’d blurt them out
the dozen how could’s
one hundred why would’s
and a lone what should
this girl do to make it stop
That’s when it finally did
and what I saw was me
uncovering my eyes

This poem is written for Brenda Warren's new site Prompts for G10. Brenda asked writers and poets to contribute to the discussions she will be having with the adolescents in her Montana classroom. The first prompt is to address two excerpts from the YA novel Firegirl.


brenda w said...

Francis, Thank you, this is a wonderful attempt. I just shared your piece with my daughter (almost 15). She loves the part about the dozen how coulds the one hundred why shoulds..... I like the hope of the last three lines best.

human being said...

well i felt you have given a new meaning to the verb 'see' by this poem...

i read the exerpts... this came to me:

i can kiss you, firegirl
is the melted skin of reality
the exposed flesh of truth
when formalities are deformed

is a pair of eyes
that never lie
with a fire always burning in them

what do you want to 'burn' in this world, firegirl?


RiikaInfinityy said...

Beautiful, and the flow of the poem just take us through a wonderful memory with this special girl =D and let us truly see the beauty that exist in her=P

Tear Drop said...

I am caught in your stream of words and I am awash in appreciation for your skill, wordsmith.

PS I have moved. ;)

Francis Scudellari said...

@Brenda Thanks... I hope you have a great school year :)

@hb Very cool... you should share your poem over at Brenda's site!

@Riika Thanks... it sounds like a wonderful book.

@TearDrop Thanks... don't move too often or I'll have trouble finding you :)

human being said...

well... first i read your poem, then the story, then again your poem, then this came to me... and i left it here...

ok... i'll put it there too... thanks!