Monday, August 09, 2010

If the world could teach me, I'd sing

I've had this idea for a media project kicking around in my head for over a year now. The basic idea is to  collect art and poetry from a cross-section of the world's children addressing a single theme. For it to work, there would have to representation from all corners of the globe, and as many diverse cultures as possible.

Right now, the question I've settled on is, "If you could be any creature, real or imagined, what would it be?" (Although that's not final at this point.) The children would be asked to write and/or illustrate their choices with a short explanation.

I know it's an extremely ambitious idea, and to do it right would take a tremendous amount of effort and a good amount of time. I could "crowd source" the initial stages by having kids submit their art electronically to a blog or website, but that would potentially exclude a big demographic. Plus I'd like to find a way to personally visit these communities as much as possible. So, I think there would need to be a bit of both electronic and in-person solicitation for material. Ideally it would be coordinated through local school systems.

As a website, the project could be continually evolving, especially if it's built on an open-source content management platform such as Joomla, where contributors could post their material directly to the site. This would also make it possible to submit all types of media (images, video, audio, etc.).

I'm writing this post as a way to concretize my thoughts on the project, but also to get some feedback and/or suggestions (or even offers of assistance, if you're enthusiastic about the idea).


human being said...

how could you manage to steal this from me?!!!
this project was locked up in a golden chest in the overlapping area of my daughter's mind and mine...

joking apart... this is a great idea!
and honestly i have two ideas re children... i have worked on one of them a bit... i can bring it here too, if you are interested...

working with other friends is always so rewarding... especially when they are both creative and selfless like you...

thanks for inviting the dangerous crow!
you know crows!
have they ever appeared as followers in stories?
nope... they're just some opinionated meddlers!

you still interested in her coOPERAtion???

(forewarned is forearmed!)

Francis Scudellari said...

Yes, I'm still very much interested :). If you've come up with a similar idea that gives me more confidence in its strength. Please do share what you've worked on. If you want, you can email me the details. I'm happy to let the crow take as big a role as she wants.

human being said...

crow is 'fluttered'!

she doesn't want a big role... she wants all the roles to rule...

or better to say, she wants all the roles not to rule... as just when you do not rule, you rule forever...
see what i mean?
before going into any project, everyone should know about teamwork... no?

then all people get more creative... and sharing... and no time, energy... or trust is wasted...

and based on what i have seen from you in other projects, i know you are a very good RULER...

i will write to you soon...
thanks again for inviting me, Francis!