Sunday, January 20, 2008

Taking a queue from Fellini

As we're all needing a break from my possibly over-indulgent Winter descent into navel gazing, the calendar offers me a double opportunity to mark the birthday of film great Federico Fellini and to engage in some cathartic song and dance. (Image at left adapted from a photo taken in 1965 by Walter Albertin, New York World Telegram staff photographer)

I've always been fond of Fellini's work and, as coincidence would have it, my very first post on this blog was a review of La Dolce Vita. As my 2008 tribute to this maestro di cinema, I present the final scene from Fellini's 8 1/2.

It's one of my favorite film endings, and how I think we should all conclude our life's work. Line up all those who have touched us for good or ill, cue the band, crack the whip and make the memories dance in a wonderful flourish of circus-like showmanship. The fabulous Nino Rota provides the score, as always, and it's a finale that will bring a smile to your face whether you've seen the film or not.

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