Friday, January 25, 2008

A laundry list of thank-you's (updated)

Often times my debts accumulate like neglectful piles of dirty clothes constantly reminding me of tasks undone as they hide in plain sight. The great gobs of owed gratitude grow ever larger and threaten me with the bodily harm of suffocation if not addressed quickly, until I have to dash them all off in a single doing.

Four of my best blogging friends have graciously bestowed separate recognitions on this site, and I'm going to requite their link love now ... admittedly with lesser aptitude and in woefully delayed fashion. The slowly returned affection isn't due to lack of appreciation, but because my mind is too frequently engaged chasing its time-consuming cyphers.

And now the acknowledgments, in reverse order of date given:

1. Hanna at the multi-lingual and artistically dynamic site Amori, poesie, arte, chat virtuali just now gave me the Blogging Mentor Award. You can read the origins of this prestigiously derived bauble in her post Mentoring Project of Harvard. Hanna is someone who has been very helpful in pushing my creativity lately, so I'm more indebted to her guidance than she mine.

2. Lisa at the always uplifting, inspiring and insightful LifePrints gave me the very much appreciated Thinking Blogger Award. Her post Think, Thank, Thunk thoughtfully lays out the characteristics of a critical thinker, and it's something we should all strive to be. She's certainly met all the requirements at her blog, and I hope to emulate her.

3. JD on his ever well-written site The Uneasy Supplicant (please note the new address) gave me a shout-out for the You Cheer Me Up Award. Always one to creatively administer his memes, JD has written a very intriguing framing post called The Chaos Factor. The positive mood engendering affect definitely goes both ways. JD is one of my writing heroes.

4. Jackie from the beautiful and witty site The Painted Veil has been accumulating many well-deserved honors over the past couple weeks, and she passed on a passel of them to me (too numerous to display here). You can tally up all of the glittering prizes at her post Awards, Awards, and More Awards. Jackie continues to charm the blogosphere , and the awards are still pouring in.
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