Friday, January 11, 2008

Hibernation: when streams turn cold

As the dead of winter sets in, I'm retreating into a cozy den built of spare words and found images. Hunkered down in this incubating nest, all of my non-essential systems will slow to conserve precious energy. My prosaic breaths will grow shallow and far between, with only a few abstract expressions escaping into the chill air outside my cave.

While slumbering in this self-preserving hibernation, I'll do my best to provide warmth to guests stumbling by from out in the icy far stretches.

Two friends and fellow wayfarers were kind enough to recently lend some light inside my self-imposed retreat and I offer them my thanks now ...

Jackie at The Painted Veil (back and in fine form again) tagged me with the New Year's Resolution or Not meme. Thank you Jackie. To answer the meme without doing it ... not. I try to avoid making promises I can't keep.

Hanna at Amori, poesie, arte, chat virtuali yet again is owed a double "thank you." She tagged me with the 7 Weird or Random Facts About Me meme (I sorta did this one before, here) and very graciously nominated me for Blog of the Day at Santa's aptly named site (feel free to vote me up).
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