Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Musical takes on Independence Day ... Part III (reprise)

My final contribution to this series of musical July 4th posts is actually a revival of a song I blogged about to commemorate this past March's 4th anniversary of the start of the Iraq War. It's by local favorite and friends, Old No. 8.

On this date, many people try to remember the brave soldiers who have fought in our country's name. The fireworks we fire are in fact a less lethal representation of the rockets red glare from battles waged to forge an identity for this mixed bag of a nation.

The causes of some wars are more honorable than others, but that's not to diminish the courage and integrity of the men and women who have fought in the full belief that their efforts are safeguarding our most cherished ideals. Any and all shame that is to be directed in the aftermath of an unjust war, is most justly laid at the feet of the leaders who initiated the violence.

When we recall with partriotic fervor past wars, and spin their outcomes to our best use, let's never forget the lives lost and irreparable harm done by them. Let's always think of the personal costs paid and sacrifices made by our young soldiers and their families, so that it gives us pause before waging any more. This song, Take Your Ticket, aptly captures the breadth of the tragedy of a misbegotten war, both in physical life lost and the deep spiritual injury to our ideals.

(Detail from photo of Arlington National Cemetery courtesy of Andrew Bossi)
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