Monday, July 09, 2007

The Truth About Dick: He's The Man Who Sold The World

Over at the Climate Of Our Future blog, I put up a post summarizing an article from this month's Rolling Stone magazine that should be required reading for all Americans. It reveals the depths of deceit and corruption to which the Bush administration, under Dick Cheney's particularly nefarious influence, has descended. It gives the truth to their lies about the lack of evidence linking carbon emissions and climate change, and exposes the real nature of the pseudo science they've used to promote a pro-oil agenda, much as they cooked intelligence to goad a coalition of the coerced into the Iraq War. Here is an excerpt from my post there (ah, the joys of self-reference):

"The story Mr. Dickinson constructs from this evidence will shock even the most cynical among Bush's critics. Upon taking the reigns of the administration's energy policy, not only did Cheney try to gut the EPA of scientists that ExxonMobil viewed as critics, but he installed industry lobbyists to run the Council on Environmental Quality, which became Cheney’s 'shadow EPA.' The CEQ's express mission was to create enough doubt and confusion in the public mind on the causes and degree of climate change to mute calls for immediate federal action. The agency also promoted junk science that was published by organizations the oil companies funded."

Read my full post (Rolling Stone Exposes Cheney’s Oil Driven Propaganda Machine), or skip to the long but well-written original article (The Secret Campaign of President Bush’s Administration To Deny Global Warming) by Tim Dickinson.

Earlier this year I had featured a favorite song lyric with no additional commentary. I'm taking this occasion to resurrect those words and embue them with added meaning. The song goes out to Dick and all his fellow evil servants of petroleum's private profit rather than the public good:

The Man Who Sold The World by David Bowie

You'll never look at Dick's grinchy smile the same way again. We always knew that smirk was hiding some dark secret.
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