Monday, July 30, 2007

Like to like, each to each ...

by Francis Scudellari

Like to like, each to each, ever more attracting
Our self-same, seeing the same selves separating
Uni(n)formed, in-clothed, a-dressing as one, closing
Minds walled off, a-side, to smaller corners pulling

Pushing the other into e’er tighter clutches
Opening debates to expose those thought poor-minded
Uniting behind berms built high, borders made bold
Alien-making, light darkened, us them-ed, untied

I, left staring at the lone self mirrored
Your right wrongly made, different, a-part, not-us
Both now looking through a glass suddenly rubbed clear
T(w)o see our goal won, none, abandoned, no other
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