Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I blog therefore I am?

What is at the heart of this little social experiment we call blogging? Why do we throw ourselves out into the blogosphere for the whole world to see? Is it mere vanity, or the hope for something much deeper? To blog, perchance to dream?

I wrote this poem based on my personal understanding of the phenomenon. It's a wee bit abstract, which fits my purpose well, as it'll leave the answer open to your interpretation.

Hoping to connect, I
by Francis Scudellari

Hoping to connect, I
reach out

Out-words, of nothing, I
spread o'er

O'er-coming space, time, I
give in

Inside my trembling I
lift up

Up-sighed, down, detached, ex-
posed I

Losing all shame
Losing all fear
Loosing all

Losing ...
Each drop of blood

Losing ...
Each cell, stretched, pulled

Losing ...
My pounded pulse

Losing ...
My soul-led flesh

A-way, A world
gaining, A cause
gaining, All
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