Monday, July 23, 2007

From blah day to "Blog of the Day"

Occasionally the universe conspires with others to deliver the unexpected.

Just yesterday, I lamented the fact that I lacked inspiration and direction. In my post, I wrote about a metaphorically muddy feeling, as if my muse had receded underwater to grab a hold of my ankles and keep me stuck in the muck. Thankfully, I had the White Stripes to lend their lyrics and pull me up out of my black cloud mood.

Today, the foggy mood had started to lift, when as if on cue, lo and behold, there was a lovely surprise waiting for me in my mail box. Sylvie from FuelMyBlog informed me that Caught in the Stream had been awarded their "Blog of the Day" honor.

Not wanting to annoy the academy, I'll graciously accept the trophy with a simple "thank you" and keep it on my blog shelf as a personal reminder that sometimes we're our own harshest critics.

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