Monday, March 19, 2007

Favorite Song of the Day (Iraq War Anniversary)

Take Your Ticket by Old No. 8
(I think there are a couple mistakes, but ...)

Take your ticket to the station, get yourself up on that train.
Give your luggage to the porter, grab your seat 'n watch the rain.
Can't you hear that whistle blowin', don't it play a lonesome sound.
Leavin' all your love behind you, to your duty you are bound.

When your wife kissed you goodbye, you told her she shouldn't cry.
But deep inside you wonder how it's fair.
Told them that you would serve, in the Army Reserve.
You gave them all the weekends you could spare.

Put your finger on the trigger, feel the gun swing in your hand.
Look on out across the desert, taste the sweat and smell the sand.
Can't you hear those rounds discharging. Don't it make you miss your home.
Leavin' all your love behind you, oh if only you had known.

Thought that if there was a war,
Somethin' worth fighting for,
You'd proudly help your country stand up tall.
But Uncle Sam he's an oil man, with no respect for human life at all

Rest your hand upon the coffin, wipe the water from your eye.
Bend and kiss your fallen brother, say a prayer and say goodbye.
Can't you hear his widow wailin', don't it make life seem so sad.
Thinkin' of yourself as lucky, just to have back the things you had.

Back when you were a boy, and your life was a joy,
You never could conceive of so much pain.
But Uncle Sam turned you into a man,
And tell me whose the one that stands to gain.

And who says that war is a cause, greater than all our laws?
Whose the one who makes the final call?
And Uncle Sam he's an oil man,
With no respect for human life at all.
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