Friday, March 16, 2007

A very special nite out on the town

We've got quite the cool music scene happening here in Rogers Park right now, and if you haven't picked your butt up and headed out to one of the local bars yet, time is a wastin'.

Last nite, I was among a couple dozen folks at Duke's (6920 N. Glenwood) taking in the amazing performance of James Weigel and Andy Levenberg. It was one of those moments in life when you realize you're experiencing something special. Of all the people out and about in Chicago last night, I wouldn't trade places with any of them.

James usually sings and plays dobro and guitar with SexFist and the Outlaw Family Band. Andy currently sings and plays guitar with Chemtrails, and was a founding member of the band Old No. 8.

Their set included songs from each of their bands' usual play lists, as well as some interesing covers, such as John Prine's "There's a hole in daddy's arm" and Ween's "Piss up a rope".

The Bad News: James will only be playing with Andy for two more weeks, so don't miss it. The Good News: Charlie Pierce, also of Old No. 8, will be back playing with Andy in April. So join me at Duke's every Thursday nite until further notice. I'll also be there this Saturday to check out Super Mini Trio, yet another fave.

Other local shows to check out, or be left out:

Chemtrails - Mondays at 10pm at Red Line Tap (7006 N. Glenwood)
Sex Fist - Tuesdays at 10:30pm at Red Line Tap
MWC - Wednesdays at 10pm at Red Line Tap

Go to the band sites for specific show info, as things change. And feel free to send me any info on other bands.
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