Saturday, March 17, 2007

Go get yourself a Piece

Terry Feingold, Tom Mannis and I made our weekly excursion for culinary exploration today. Our goal: to sample the fabled New Haven style pizza. The purveyor of said fare is Piece, located at 1927 W. North Ave. in the funky (that's a complimentary adjective) Wicker Park neighborhood.

We got the "plain" variety (red sauce, parmesan, olive oil, and diced garlic -- no mozzarella) with clams. Here's a pic of said slices (credit to Tom Mannis for the excellent photography in this post):

They also offer a "white" style (no sauce, but mozzarella), and a traditional "red" (mozzarella included). The crust was crunchy and quite tasty. The sauce was very good, and the garlic and clams a very nice combo. The large was more than enough for we three hearty eaters. Tom and Terry were both quite taken by the friendly wait staff.

They also brew their own beer, and I washed down my slice with a pint of Dysfunction Ale, which was a nice hoppy pale ale. It's definitely worth a trip, if you're looking to get out of the 'hood.
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