Friday, March 23, 2007

French Disclose Evidence of Unidentified Flying Woks

In case you've fallen into a false sense of security, here's news of the threat of flying cookware:

France's space agency puts its secret UFO archive on the Web
Associated Press

... the January 1981 case of the saucer-shaped object that a witness said he saw land in Trans-en-Provence, a village inland from the French Riviera.

Some 2.5 meters (8 feet) across, the zinc-colored object made a whistling noise as it landed. The witness later drew a picture: It resembled a wok with a lid and legs.

"The machine stayed a few seconds on the ground and then left very quickly but it left marks that were analyzed and allowed us to determine that the ground had been heated up, that the object must have weighed several hundred kilos (pounds), and that surrounding plants underwent biological changes," Patenet said.

"So something really happened. It really defies analysis." ...

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No details on how the surrounding plant life was altered, but I'm hoping they were cooked until tender and had a nice ginger and garlic bite.
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