Friday, October 29, 2010

To make less hollow the hallowed, I ween

The ten commandments say nothing,
in the translations I’ve read,
against coveting my neighbor’s good
sense of style,
or the countless other intangibles
gifted by Nature
and our DNA's mischievous inventions.

I’m a strict constructionist,
when it suits me, and especially so
with documents carved in stone
by invisible hands
having no recorded fondness for the market.

I’d trade places with any nameless witch
caught cavorting in her coven’s canopied oases,
their cauldron-ringing capers
and care-free cackles cheered
by owl hoots and cricket song;

Or the smallish, self-sacrificing spider
who rather than a cigarette gets a close-up
view of his mate’s spinnerets dispensing
the silk sheets to wrap him
as a happy meal deferred.

I also envy their creepy hatchlings
who weeks later will climb to the tip-tops
of firry fingers, cast a single wistful thread
and wait for the wish-fulfilling wind
to carry them lifetimes away.

That’s how I could stiff this chill
that taps me on the shoulder, and chase
after a far-off warmth I’ve weened
since my weaning was done.

I count these covets no sins.


Unknown said...

I personally feel inspired by your poetry, even though 'Haloween' is not much of a fstival in our country!

but where have u disapeared?

Unknown said...

I like the rhytmof this poem.

Herb Alyètte said...

Clever, witty, top stuff.

Welcome to poets united.