Saturday, October 09, 2010

Sweet charity

There's sweet charity
In her stare, his stone face feels
Cradled, not cudgeled


Pacze Moj said...

I like this very much. Stone faces need cuddling, too. It's not their fault they're stone. It's interesting that although you wrote nothing about what her face is made from, I "know" it's not a stone face.


Rallentanda said...

Sweet charity is a nice concept.I'm still waiting:)
Francesco I am running a 100 wordle
competition. Wanna give it shot amore mio?

Francis Scudellari said...

@Pacze Maybe that can be the sequel... I can tell it from her point of view :). Thanks for the visit.

@Rall I'll definitely give it a shot, though with that many words it could prove to be an epic :). It's good to be prompted again...