Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wintry landscape

By Francis Scudellari

Time-tripped, my eyes stumble
In too wintry landscape,
Layers of sooty black
Piled on off-white leavings,
Mixed up-down icy grays:
Coal-slate sheeting skyward,
Once-salted tongues grounded
Become perilous slicks,
Pooled gobs of molten lead
Flash-frozen at mid creep

Fleeing, sore-sighted I
Prism-focus turn inward,
Conjure shocking new hues,
Mold robust, garish shapes
Minded primary paint
Blank-canvassed, pressed-tight flaps,
Dreamscaped memory pick
Out-of-season, myself
Swaddle in sculpted glow
Till spring blooms bright again
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