Sunday, February 17, 2008

Self portrait, in seven parts

By Francis Scudellari

I. Intro: Likeness
This moment to capture, my self-
Knowing: the next might be, or not,
Quite different, a likeness seen
Verses that, often recognized …

II. Heart
At first feeling, heart-filled feasting
On varied viewpoints, raw-read streams
Here flow unlearned, in-worn courses
Then-taught only one way, to burst …

III. Mind
Inflated ego, my-minded,
Over-lying reasoned belief,
Connected seeming, this chaos,
All-giving cause: to name meaning …

IV. Soul
An amorphous spirit, oared soul,
Shape-shifting into rigid shell,
Poured from unknown sources, seeking
That origin while still-anchored …

V. Body
In shadows, abstractions fleshed out,
Embodied in bone and tissue,
Vague ideals once, incarnated,
Made sullied by others, my own …

VI. Senses
Greedy senses, now-consuming
Life's many morsels, sight-savor
Glist'ning baubles, worldly touches,
Open-handed answers grasping …

VII. Conclusion: Energy
A restless truth, in static words:
Energy purposed, light focused
Toward perceiving, self-defined
In this ever, a-deep'ning whole
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