Sunday, February 17, 2008

Remembrance of memes past

Long, long ago in a galaxy seemingly far away (but actually very close by at the Alien Next Door site) Science Fiction author and blogger-extraordinaire Nina Munteanu tagged me with the 7 Weird Facts About Me meme. It's a meme that I attempted once before (click here to read it), so I decided to attack it in a slightly different way and write some versed weirdness that I call "Self Portrait, In seven parts." I'll post the poem shortly, but first I wanted to give my deepest thanks to Nina for the tag.

In other blogosphere news, I've been graced with two recent awards from my virtual friends:

JD Beaudoin, who always sets a high-standard of blogging for me to emulate over at The Uneasy Supplicant, has christened me a fellow Flower Smeller by passing on the Go! Smell the Flowers! badge at left (See his post Visitant - Part 2 or the birthing post over at Go! Smell the Flowers! site for more details as to meaning and significance of this honor).

Hanna, the author of Amori, Poesie, Arte, Chat who is ever challenging my world view and foreign language skills, has bestowed on me her newly minted Award for Global Communities. Meant to acknowledge the boundary hopping power of the Internet to establish friendships and community, you can find the code for this badge (displayed at right) by reading her post From Italy with Love.

I'm passing on both of these awards to the following six folks (I may be breaking a rule by choosing that number) whose writing I greatly admire and virtual friendship I deeply appreciate. They're all overdue for some acknowledgment from me, and you should definitely visit their excellent sites:
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