Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A sinful synaesthesia

When I said “I love you,” I lied
with a drifting and dreamy head
across the velvety sea
I imagined
resting and narrowly defined
in the nakedness
at the edge of your lap.

I have a history
of over-indulging
mixed-up senses.

I tasted the sight
of a gently curved nose.

I caressed the scent
of a lightly perfumed neck.

I’ll speak but not hear again
of the salty, savory, sweetness;
all bitterness has gone.

It’s not that I binged
so much as feasted
after a prolonged period
of self-deprivation.

And now I’m caught
between two urges:
To shave, to shear, to no longer
shabbily make shrift;
Or to revel
in the sloppy temptation
of recalling you.

Powerless I'll watch
the dissembling
tomorrow makes.

Before it comes, whisper-soft,
I repeat my mistake,
and unreliably say,
“I loved you.”


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Anonymous said...

reminds me of Lullaby by WH Auden.

Francis Scudellari said...

@Dori Thanks... I admire Auden's poetry very much.

Rallentanda said...

I guess this is real life isn't it?
I have never been comfortable with reality.Good poem, Francesco.

Francis Scudellari said...

Thanks Rall. I slip into it occasionally, but I jump right out as soon as I can :).