Thursday, March 05, 2009


I finally feel fully back mentally, and as such I was able to finish the last three stanzas of my Metamorphosis re-write. I'll try to do some more catching up in the next few days. Below is the new conclusion, and you can see the whole thing on my main site here.

... Ashen arms time-tied into criss-crossed bow
unfold and stretch in open-palm seeking;
scarlet freckles, at long last bared, flare up,
bulge out, burst forth in pollen dusted blooms

Blush-tipped fingers petal-spread to attract
a noon-day sun's lurid stare, its stark heat
that bubble boils her inner crimson sap
till its smoky sighs vent through wax-flapped wrists

The hot blooded steam up-borne on breezes
intermingling in changeling-pregnant clouds;
where gathered droplet children patient wait
to be released and reborn, not themselves
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