Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fun in the fourth dimension

This poem is a bit of an experiment, and also a kind of a mental break for me. I hope the playfulness comes across...

Spacetime becomes molasses
By Francis Scudellari

Her words, I love you, dropped
a red marble planet
thumb-shot and rolling ... smack-
dab in my middle path
slow-dragging spacetime down
with its wavy weight's pull
the stop-motion churning
and turning it viscous
greenish yellow-green goop
that oozes round my legs
accordion wobbly
with each fractal footfall
till my heart-thickened thoughts
relatively rebound
and sling-shot, this pupil's
dilation speeds ahead
to future visions of
happiness densely packed
in a singular whole's
matter-slurping moment
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