Thursday, March 19, 2009

La Vita Oscura

In his La Vita Nuova (The New Life), the Italian poet Dante describes emerging from the dark forest of his early dissolute life to be guided to a more moral existence by his dead love Beatrice. It's a great piece of art, and an interesting framework for a collection of verses.

I've never led anything resembling a dissolute life, in fact I've toed a pretty conservative line in the conduct of my quotidian activities. Beyond an occasional beer at divy bars, I don't dabble in too many vices. That said, I haven't found much reward in this upright and uptight lifestyle.

So it got me thinking ... yes, always a dangerous prospect. Maybe I need to pull a reverse-Dante and explore the wonders of moral dissolution. I could even write a collection of verses called La Vita Oscura (The Dark Life) that describes my slow dissent from shiny plained turpitude to shadowed lands of vice. Of course, first I need to locate a dark-spirited guide for the endeavor ... my Malatrice. I'd prefer that she be living, however.
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