Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A-lone houred drift

By Francis Scudellari

A-lone houred drift
In accustomed lying,
I reluctant,
My conscious let go (of)
Self-feeding streams,
Current broken, thought-less
Diversion starved,
A slow flickering flame
Lost in-lapsing,
One last dying spasm
Fore it slips off
To not-being's black vault

Then, now, after
Un-timed lingering pause,
A sudden flash,
Life sparked by memory
Or divine breath (?)
(Re)-birthed in forms random,
Borrowed landscapes
Painted, impulse colored
Droplets, exhaled
Long ago, new-weighted
Cascade down, flood
Chaos-nurturing seas

Sleep's crested waves,
Arrhythmic rise, fall, push
Minded toward
Illogic's free embrace,
Pull from this heart,
A face, e'er locked, (a)-way
Till doubts edge ebbs
And (re)-seeded dreams flow,
Cedes I am, then
Quick-cut carried awake,
Her trailing voice
(Re)-calls my name, spoke once
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