Monday, March 10, 2008

History reads ... that I love

This poem was inspired by the title of another site's blog post. As often happens, I mis-read the phrase. Rather than the author's intended meaning (recommended historical texts), my twisted bit of consciousness took the word sequence in a completely different direction. It's a strange and bumpy ride, but you can follow where my wandering thoughts went here:

History reads ...

By Francis Scudellari

History reads:
That I love,
Or loved
Once ...

But more, distance re-moved,
From faded pages
Over-turned, to
Re-collect …

Is hard. Cold facts printed; inked on
Paper. Out-lined face, withdrawn
From flip-book memories,
Slight searched, to re-place …

Loving details. Seems
Now lost in too tangled
Stories. Close-knit, feeling full-
Blooded, color-drained as re-called:

Subtle touches
Be-loved, past sleeping,
Restless, as re-captured

My new fiction …
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