Sunday, June 17, 2007

A wall that brings the community together

I didn't blog much this weekend, because I was busy participating in Rogers Park's Artists of the Wall festival. My friends and I joined our fellow neighbors in beautifying our lakefront with a little artistic expression.

The concrete wall that runs along the beach's bike path is re-painted each summer, and local residents get to apply their interpretations of the festival theme to a section of it. Even the light poles can be fair game.

This year, the task was to paint guided by the idea of "Our Secret Garden" and it produced some wonderful results. One of my personal favorites is the Space Alien in full gardening regalia turning the soil out at Area 51 (too bad they couldn't have arranged to get the actual spot no. 51).

The atmosphere out at the lake was festive, despite the heat. Prayer flags were raised on the beach adding even more color to the event.

My good friend and great artist George Kokines directed his grandson Jeremy and granddaughter Lara in a wonderful Jackson Pollock inspired piece. I even got to contribute a few brushstrokes, flings and drips. Unfortunately my poor attempt at a picture doesn't do it justice.

Finally, the piece that consumed most of my time Sunday. In cahoots with my friends Jim Ginderske and Tom Westgard, we painted the Rogers Park flag. It might not look like much, but trust me that star was a real challenge.

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