Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hoofing it through the City of Broad Shoulders

At the urging of my friend Maynard, a small group of us set out to walk from our little corner of Chicago on the far northside to the hustle and bustle of downtown. It's about a 10 mile trek from start to finish, but well worth it for the view of the city it provides, even on an overcast and rainy day.

Terry, Maynard, John and I followed the Lakefront path from Rogers Park, and made our way south through the city's various northside, lakeside neighborhoods.

It's a good way to rediscover the beauty and variety of the city we call home. From Belmont Harbor, to Oak Street Beach, to Olive Park, to the looming skyline, there are many wonderful facets of this jewel of a town to experience.

Arriving downtown, the cavernous skyscrapers take over the sight lines, towering over the pedestrians and cars that make there way through the concrete, steel and glass chasms. On a cloudy day like today, you certainly can see how they got their name.

Our final destination was Millennium Park, a relatively new addition to Chicago's list of attractions, with it's Frank Gehry designed band shell and the highly popular and reflective Cloud Gate sculpture.

Having achieved our goal for the day, we posed next to Millennium Monument, which includes the names of the park's "founders" etched in its base. Serendipitously, one of these luminaries has a surname very similar to Maynard's.

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