Monday, June 11, 2007

Art for a change: contribute what you can

Yesterday I was commissioned to write a poem by Zephyr at the Climate of Our Future blog. She asked me to put pen to paper, which I hadn't done in a few years, and portray the urgency of our current environmental crisis. I was humbled to help out in such a great cause and, hack that I am, was able to craft something in pretty short order.

You can see the results, along with Zephyr's very generous intro here.

I'm a firm believer in the power of art to change the world. I certainly don't expect my piece to make much of an impact, but I'd like to see all the artists I know contribute something on this theme, no matter the scale or the media, which could make a surprising difference in transforming people's thinking.

(S)Mothered Earth
by Francis Scudellari

He, his appetites always indulging
Hording each crumb, grasping, clinging
Corpulent, expanding
Never quite full

She, her beauty spread thin, her bounty laid
Bare, unable to provide for
Children ever growing
Never feeding

He, unable , unwilling to act, sits
Listless aimless, averting his eyes
Denying, refusing
Never quite sure

She, her temper flaring, her mood changing
Violent, unstable, punishing
Children ever quiv'ring
Never moth'ring

Childless, she turns
Her back on, him, them, us
Receding, cold, distant, weathered
No longer owning, knowing, her late self

Alone, gazing
Out a glass, frosted o'er
Mirrored, reflecting, a face now
Withered, not his own. He knows: It's too late.

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