Saturday, June 08, 2024

Agape as a starling in June‘s Summer Sun

I could try to 

Write the words you 

Like to arrange 

In such pretty ways. In these dange-

Rously simplified days that I have

(You have 

Too) planned out in such de-

Ranged and ordered misre-

Membering, I remember 

Not to. Not to write them. I’ll offer 

A different picture;  

One where my words are less sure; 

Fragile, frail saffron petals caught 

Up by a gust, and scattered out- 

Ward where no one could


You?) put them together. And yet, 

Their tangled feelings for bet-

Ter, and for worse still, 

Never hold me. I will 

Not hold them either in my broken 

Memory’s heart. A starling forming words unspoken.

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