Saturday, June 30, 2012

When a month runs out

"I tried," he says with a sigh, not to himself, but not to anyone else either. By "tried" he means failed, at least as far as he can tell. Telling's a thing's he's been good at, if good's adequate or able, since he was old enough to tell. What he tried, or failed at, was a change. He did change, how couldn't he? Changing is about all any of us really does. Not for well or ill, but just for being. He being like any of us, he did too, in lots of ways, but not in the ways anyone would notice, certainly not the anyone he isn't talking to, and not him, when he says "I tried," not again, but still for the first time, as time hasn't moved, as he hasn't changed, as far as he can tell.

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