Wednesday, April 04, 2012

National Poetry Month: Sweet Liberty

Continuing on with my celebration of National Poetry Month, today I'd like to highlight the work of a good friend, nooshin azadi. She and I have collaborated on poems and books, and she's taught me a lot in the process.

I'd like to be able to point you to a website, but because of where she lives, she's no longer able to access blogs. She does still share her work on Google+ under the name Sweet Liberty, and you can see her regular updates there. Below I'm sharing a lovely poem she recently re-posted.

another epi...eis...hodos...


the moment was
the beginning of an end
and god who was always in me
was with me
and he was great
as his hands were full of fruits --
of all sorts
and his eyes were full of words --
of all souls

and we walked

and as we walked
we fell


and we conceived the world
and he bore me
and i bore him
and i was his child
and he was my child

sep 2, 2009
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