Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Most Beautiful Thing

Today is the day of the My Most Beautiful Thing Blogsplash, where bloggers celebrate the release of Fiona Robyn's novel The Most Beautiful Thing by writing about their own most beautiful things. You can celebrate the day too, by downloading the Kindle version of Fiona's novel, which is available gratis today here (or you can buy a paper-copy at Amazon).

The poem I wrote to mark the occasion centers on my most beautiful thing, which is my girlfriend Jill's gorgeous smile.

The beauty of it is
none of this,
and all of its
beauty, not the triumphant blue
of a jay’s bluest coup
unsettling the mature greens
and their younger leaves
to topple one cardinal’s redness
and its calm,
not it or the uplifting, baleful grays
that follow to chase
it and us, with the dense, clear drops
pristine brown soils savor,
no, not one moment of it
or the us who share in it,
will last, can last
any longer or matter more
than that instant
my no longer innocent eyes steal
a glimpse of your smile.
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