Saturday, April 21, 2012

National Poetry Month: Beauty Shifts

For many of us poetry can be a very personal thing, a passion so private we may write certain pieces for only ourselves or those closest to us to see. That doesn't mean these poems lack the beauty of the more publicly shared pieces. And it's their personal nature that makes them all the more precious to us. It's why I feel very privileged today to be able to post a poem by Jill Dumser, the love and light in my life. She's graced me with her poems before, and I'm very excited to share this one with all of you.

Beauty Shifts
By Jill Dumser

Whips of light spiral madly through her thought, flourishing only in splits of seconds where the seconds split into lush moments of tranquility and unharnessed energy.
Composure becomes the tranquil star, fiercely throbbing with desire.

Beauty shifts,
Tainted scrims lift,
and alone the Visionary sits,
with her Visionary colors
and her Visionary hat.
In the dawn of dusk
a musty gray light,
fresh from the night.

Filled with power.

Flickers of light catch the eye with perfect precision,
the winds unwind;
the seconds combine,
and all in procession are those moments and seconds of time.

All yours. All mine.
Beauty Shifts.
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